In September 2014, the Province of South Holland started with the renovations of Building AB. The construction work had to be completed in February 2015. During the construction period, it was impossible to work on the same floor where the renovations were carried out. Employees were therefore temporarily placed elsewhere within the County Hall-building (C, D) or at remote locations (Koninginnegracht en Koningskade). These two locations were rented especially for this purpose. In February/March 2015 the renovations were finished. We organized the move back to the AB building and the different departments returned from the temporary locations. Besides the move from and to the AB building, moves within, to, and from the C and D building took place at the same time.

Marts was hired to prepare, supervise, and coordinate the return of 800 employees to the newly renovated location. We worked out the documentation required for the move, as for example the plan of action, move- and supplier schedules, move instruction, and from-to list. Moreover, we coordinated the registration process. Special furniture requests had to be filled in with existing furniture. Marts gave advice on the selection of special furniture, which had to be gathered from the existing furniture. In order to make sure all tasks were optimally performed, Marts took part in various meetings, including core- and project team meetings and meetings with the relocation coordinators.