Marel is a global company specialized in the development of systems for the processing of poultry. Due to the rapid growth that Marel is experiencing, many shifts take place within the organization. In order to be able to accommodate all extra employees, various rooms on the large campus in Boxmeer are being renovated and an extension has been added to the main building.

In the new building extension, which was completed at the end of 2016, various departments of different business units (Marel Poultry, Meat and Further Processing) had to be accommodated. Marel asked Marts to prepare and supervise the relocations of these different departments. We were also responsible for reshuffling the furniture and meetings with the users. Due to the nature of their work, priority was given to keeping the time that the employees were out of the air as short as possible during to the move.

After the success of the above relocations, Marel regularly asks us to supervise and we have successfully completed multiple relocations by now.