The lease on the building in which Laurens’ HR department was situated was ending. For this reason, approximately 50 HR employees needed to move to another location in Rotterdam. The new location was an existing office building where a number of renovations needed to take place to ensure that the rooms would meet Laurens’ requirements. Marts made the design of the new office layout, provided supervision during construction, and prepared, supervised and coordinated the move. There was only a limited budget available for this project and we had to work with a very tight deadline. The aim for the new office space was to create a better atmosphere within the existing situation, especially for the pantries and the reception, in line with the identity of the department. Ninety percent of the existing furniture was reused in the design of the new office layout. Another important part of the project was managing the transition to the new flexible way of working. This was a big change for the employees. They went from a lot of small office spaces to a few large open spaces. Another consequence of the move was a new parking policy which meant that a lot of people no longer had a parking spot at the new building. We helped the employees to cope with these changes. In addition, we have arranged the facility services at the new location, such as the interior plants and coffee machines, and we supported in emptying out and disposing of the old location.